Focus on the field of plastic packaging machines, specializing in the production of sheet machines, thermoforming machines, cup lid machines, cup printing machines, lunch box machines, etc.
Message from the President

Your Excellency:
      Hello! Welcome Gordon the Lu Yongxu companies Chinese official website www.yongxujx.com!
      Yongxu Since its founding, has been focused on the exploration of the field of plastic packaging machines. Explore the way we encountered many problems and obstacles that need to be resolved, but we did not flinch, but choose to break. Of course, this can not do without your attention and support, especially for your valuable comments and suggestions prompted us to improve and grow.
      Yongxu reason why growth, in addition to our team goals are clear and firm conviction, and go all out, a very important force in boosting our progress, that is, including enthusiasts, including you, friends, colleagues and client groups, including even our competitors. Because of you, we are motivated; because of you, even more powerful; because of you, we detours; because of you, we have created more possibilities ...
    Yongxu along the way, I want to thank many people: to thank my family, they have been understanding and support me; to thank my team, I thank my friends together for a common goal; they have been concerned about and encouraged me ; thank my leadership, they have been in the care and guidance to us; to thank my customers, because they believe us; to thank my opponent, they have been trying and reminds us that; thanks for everything, because of all this, only I am today; I would like to thank ...
       To have friends come from afar, enjoying themselves. "At this point, I represent Yongxu company sincerely welcome you to to Yongxu inspection guidance, and sincerely invite you to join Yongxu career!

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