Focus on the field of plastic packaging machines, specializing in the production of sheet machines, thermoforming machines, cup lid machines, cup printing machines, lunch box machines, etc.
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Company Profile

     Zhejiang Chaocheng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a China Plastic Products Professional Committee member of the member units of the Plastics Technology Centre, specializing in R & D of plastic extruders and molding production line, production, sales and service.

    Yongxu attaches great importance to infrastructure development and quality management. A lot of money to introduce a number of leading international and domestic first-class finishing equipment and technology, and built a manufacturing process and quality management system to ensure product quality.

    Yongxu focus on customer service, create a quick and comprehensive customer service processes and systems will be set up offices in the North, South, Southwest, Southeast region, providing customers with timely and thoughtful service, so that customers feel the service distance, warm and cozy.

    Yongxu attaches great importance to team building, staff quality education and skills training to do in advance, factory training, and advocacy "to create a cause and a rich, shared, shared responsibility, and grow together," "Four" concept of talent development, and employees work together for mutual benefit and create more possibilities for a common goal ...

    We are committed to: cooperate with us, you will experience a relaxed and enjoyable, you will get satisfied and win-win.
"Become the world's leading plastics packaging solutions suppliers and service providers for the vision, mission and" packaging to create value, labor multiplier, sincerely invite you to: the same draw up a blueprint.

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