This machine can blister all kinds of films (PP, PET, APET, PETG, PVC, PS) into plastic covers of different shapes. Such as toys, hardware, food, electronics, medicines, etc. form secret packaging...

This machine is suitable for the production of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS) and other plastic sheets, and is especially suitable for making beverage cups....

Mainly used in the production and production of disposable tableware, cold drink cups, yogurt cups, jelly cups, ice cream cups, fast food boxes, plastic bowls, milk tea lids, etc....

Main functions: molding, punching and punching of plastic products such as PS/PVC/PET. ...

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    Yongxu attaches great importance to infrastructure development and quality management. A lot of money to introduce a number of leading international and domestic first-class finishing···


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With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, people's dietary choices···

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