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The production process of the sheet unit【picture】

    The production process of the sheet unit is shown in Figure 1. The prepared LDPE and other raw materials are mixed and then added to the hopper of the extruder, and are melted by screw conveying, shearing and heating. The metering pump adds monoglyceride and foaming agent in the middle of the barrel, and finally the melt passes through the ring port. Die extrusion. In order to obtain a smooth and soft sheet surface, the temperature of the material before the exit die must be reduced to about 95°C to increase the strength of the melt and prevent the foaming gas from breaking through the surface of the blank. The blank of the die just after the exit is cylindrical, and it can be wound after being split.

Sheet machine production process flow chart

     The main technical difficulties of the sheet machine forming process are as follows:

     1. Sufficient pressure must be maintained at the die to avoid any foaming of the molten material before the exit die;

     2. There is a close relationship between product width, extrusion volume, melt pressure, ring die diameter and cooling and shaping drum diameter, which makes the transformation more difficult.

The sheet produced by the sheet machine improves plastic molding

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