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Introduction to the characteristics of each part of the online crusher

The features of each part of the online crusher are introduced as follows:

1. Tractor part

1. The main shaft of the tractor is refined and processed with high-strength seamless pipe, and then plated with hard chrome, which is beautiful and never rusty, conforms to environmental protection, and is durable;

2. The machine body is made of imported aluminum alloy plate, which is beautiful and generous, never rusty, strong and durable;

3. The power part adopts the famous factory worm gear reducer, the new aluminum shell integrated design, which is convenient and light, beautiful and durable, and is equipped with a famous factory frequency converter, which can be used in synchronization with the host, and the speed can meet the requirements of different customers. stable.

Second, the grinder part

1. The tool is made of imported alloy steel material, with high hardness, strong wear resistance, and can be ground for many times. The tool and the tool holder are fastened by high-strength screws, which are particularly durable and easy to crush various soft and hard materials;

2. The machine body is made of super-strength steel plate after being precision processed by machine tools, and then integrated and welded, which is durable and never burst;

3. The tool holder adopts a hollow structure design, stable operation, low wind resistance, and durable;

4. The online shredder adopts synchronous belt transmission, with mature technology and stable operation;

5. The thickness of crushed materials is 0.5-3MM. If you need to crush thicker materials, please specify when ordering.

3. Fan part

1. It adopts famous-brand motor, stable quality and durable;

2. The fan shell and blades are made of stainless steel, which is beautiful, environmentally friendly, and durable;

3. Unique fan blade design, high pressure, strong conveying capacity and stable operation.




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