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Structural characteristics of Yongxu online crusher

     The online crusher series produced by Yongxu has stable product quality, convenient use and maintenance, and reasonable price, which is suitable for the crushing of various sheet materials in the factory.

     Structural characteristics of Yongxu online crusher:

     1. Herringbone-shaped cutter design is especially suitable for crushing recycled materials such as sheets and films;

     2. The feeding hopper, crushing chamber, and screen frame adopt a separate design, which is very convenient for material cleaning, knife change and screen replacement;

     3. The crushing chamber feed and imported vertical curtain design to avoid material splashing when crushing;

     4. The front and rear walls of the crushing chamber are double-layered for sound insulation, with low noise;

     5. The bearing seat of the main engine adopts a separate design. During the process of crushing and recycling materials, dust will not enter the bearing, and no bearing jam will occur;

     6. Equipped with cleaning and maintenance insurance switch;

     7. The motor is equipped with overload protection device and power supply chain protection system.


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