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Features of automatic manipulator fast food box machine

     The automatic manipulator fast food box machine is a new type of lunch box forming equipment with a forming area of 1100x1400mm and a forming depth of 0-60mm. Compared with other lunch box machines, the size of the automatic manipulator fast food box machine is larger, and the weight has reached 28 tons. So what are the characteristics of this fast food box machine? Let me introduce you. Continuous development of automatic lunch box machine technology

     Features of automatic manipulator fast food box machine:

     1. The heating zone is increased to three-zone heating, the forming mold is enlarged, and the hydraulic system uses three cylinders, so that the production efficiency is increased from 12 molds per minute to 20 molds, and the output is doubled.

     2. The punching station moves: the motor drives the walking, which is conducive to mold replacement and saves time for mold replacement.

     3. Static eliminators are installed in the cutting area and stacking area to eliminate static electricity generated during the molding process. Ensure production safety.

     4. Pick up the fast food box upwards, if it is not caught, it will not affect the next action.

     5. One conveyor belt on the left and right can realize automatic stacking and reduce labor intensity.


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