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Maintenance of sheet machine

    Sheet machine, I believe that everyone engaged in the plastic processing industry is no stranger. It is a tool mainly used to produce disposable plastic products. As the market expands, sheet machines are used more and more frequently. So how to maintain the sheet machine in daily use?

    The sheet machine is mainly composed of a fuselage, a head, a tail and a frequency converter, corresponding to different processes of the overall plastic processing.

    There are several points to note when maintaining the sheet machine:

    1. Daily cleaning. Daily cleaning of the sheet machine is necessary. After many operations, there will inevitably be some residues in the machine. If it is not cleaned in time, the service life of the grinding teeth will be reduced.

    2. Regularly check the internal thermoforming machine.

    3. In the case of sudden power failure, etc., the power should be cut off first, some operations should be stopped, and then the rest of the work after the maintenance and subsequent calls should be started.

    Of course, in addition to daily maintenance, if you get a high-quality sheet machine at the beginning of the purchase, then the follow-up trouble can actually be greatly reduced, and I will tell you about the purchase of the sheet machine in the future.

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